OMG...THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! HE COULDN’T HARDLY CHOOSE!!! I am goin to look at them again tomorrow and have him decide for sure. If you want to use them on your blog, feel free :0) Just let me know so I can show my family....
Thnaks again....
— Carmen

Hi Kim!!! I still can’t thank you enough for those photos!! They are GORGEOUS! Never have I had such a blast taking pictures, I feel like maybe my husband wasn’t lying to me all those times he told me I was beautiful! I feel so lucky that I got to have you take them ;)
— Nicole

It was a real treat to be pampered in terms of hair, makeup and clothes- what a great experience to share with my girls! I’m so delighted with your unique style, my photos are so fresh and real. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite. You are so talented Kim!
— Debbie