As an avid Wal-Mart photo customer, we have done pictures through them since the oldest of our four children, who is now 11, was born. We’ve lived in plenty of cities and have always gone there. The pictures were good, but not fantastic. We’ve settled due the the prices being so cheap. We have always heard the saying “you get what you pay for” so therefore we did. We came across Kim by the Grace of God and we thought why not take a chance on a little bit of a price change. Oh how happy we were to have made such a wise decision. Not only did we spend less time fighting with our four children over “is it over yet” but we had an amazing time. We got to enjoy our session with peace and fun! Never have we had such a blast taking pictures. The children had an amazing time and for once…THEY DIDNOT FIGHT..So all in all paying more for pictures, which are just amazing, sharing a family moment that will be a memory to all of us, and being able to be blessed with such a fantastic and amazing person such as Kim, will be worth not having to go to Wal-Mart and being lurked at while we try to smile through the crying, fighting and sweating! Thank You Kim for making it worth our while and our purchase!!! You’re an extremely talented person God has put into ours as well as others lives!

“Hi Kim, I just got the beautiful photo album in the mail. What a wonderful surprise! I love it and makes me eager to see the rest. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to viewing the entire album!
Thank you again. You were wonderful to work with.”

“THE PICTURES ARE SO GOOD!!! Thank you for capturing us… AND THE GIRLS!!!”

“THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! I love them!!!!! You do such GREAT work!!!! I cant wait to get together for the bridals. Thank you again Kim! We appreciate your great work so much!”

“Thanks Kim! Cameron and Andrew both loved them…now onto decisions. You
make it difficult with all of the wonderful pictures! My friend that was
here when I was looking at them said that you should make a poster out of
#33 and market it and sell it and there would be one in every girls room.
Cameron liked that! He said it looked like an album cover.
So, looks like everyone loves your work!!”

Hi Kim!!! I still can’t thank you enough for those photos!! They are GORGEOUS! I feel so lucky that I got to have you take them 😉

I am going to look at them again tomorrow and have him decide for sure. If you want to use them on your blog, feel free! :o) Just let me know so I can show my family….
Thanks again…

They are fantastic! You and your husband did a wonderful job.